2016 Milwaukee Film Festival | 9/22 - 10/6
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Life, Animated

Director: Roger Ross Williams

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Spotlight Presentations | 1:31 | 2016 | USA/France | | View Website

Owen Suskind was your traditional toddler: a playful, chatty bundle of energy and joy, curious about the world around him. But at the age of three he began a sudden withdrawal into himself that seemed irreversible; he ceased to speak altogether, and his diagnosis of autism suggested little hope of ever retrieving the boy he once was. But then, a discovery: armed with the knowledge that Owen spent untold hours watching and rewatching Disney films and memorizing the dialogue (preferring their comforting consistency over the ever-changing real world), his father donned an Iago (the parrot sidekick from Aladdin) hand puppet and asked Owen what it was like to be him. Any lover of film can attest to the power a great movie has to reshape our views and make sense of a chaotic world, but few would imagine a story as incredible as this one, told here by Oscar-winning director Roger Ross Williams.

Director Roger Ross Williams
Cast Jonathan Freeman, Gilbert Gottfried, Owen Suskind, Ron Suskind
Executive Producer
Producer Julie Goldman, Roger Ross Williams
Screenwriter Ron Suskind
Cinematographer Tom Bergmann
Editor David Teague

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